Finca Bacara Tortuga Rose 2019

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Finca Bacara Tortuga Rose 2019
Finca Bacara Tortuga Rose 2019
Country:  Spain(西班牙)
Grape Variety:
100% Garnacha
Type of Wine: Still White
ABV:  12.5%
Bottle Size: 750ml
Sweetness: Dry
Acidity:  Medium
Fruity: High
Tannin: N/A
Body:  Light
Stainless Steel
Aroma:  Strawberry, Raspberry, Red Cherry, Watermelon, Sweet Lemon, Candy.

Great aromatic intensity. On the nose we find the aromas that characterize the Garnacha: The wild berries. Redcurrant, raspberry and blackberries are easy to recognize.

Elegant and smooth taste with an interesting acidity that refreshes and rejuvenates the wine. Quite long finish with a nice delicacy.

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