Two Moons Calamansi Gin By Bottle

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Two Moons Calamansi Gin By Bottle
Two Moons Calamansi Gin By Bottle

70cl | 47% vol.
Craft Distilled In Hong Kong

Distilled with a mix of locally-grown and Vietnamese Calamansi, our all-new summer gin aims to deliver a thirst-quenching experience amidst Hong Kong’s summer heat and humidity. A native fruit to Southeast Asia, the Calamansi’s crisp aroma, strategically paired with juniper berries and hint of spruce bring on an incredibly fresh and invigorating citrus experience.

Committed to sourcing locally to create this bottle, a portion of our star-of-the-show Calamansi is sourced directly from a local farm in Sheung Shui as part of our farm-to-bottle initiative to take advantage of the city’s stellar local produce. Representing the quintessential countryside of Hong Kong in the summertime, enjoy a punchy, flavor-packed gin, perfect for adventure-seeking palates craving a new sensation and experience.

Tasting Notes: Characteristically Calamansi on the nose — bright, crisp and zesty. When sipped, refreshing notes of citrus develop into a soft undertone of juniper berries, before finishing with a lingering flavor of spruce tips for a layered citrus flavor profile.

Best Hong Kong Signature Botanical Gin
— World Gin Awards 2022
— Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition 2021

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