Releaf Iswithi Pinotage 2015

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Releaf Iswithi Pinotage 2015
Releaf Iswithi Pinotage 2015

Region: Cape Town (開普敦)

Grape: Pinotage (皮諾塔吉)

Type of Wine: Still Red (紅酒)

ABV: 14%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Sweetness: Semi-Sweet (半甜)

Acidity: Medium(中)

Fruity: Medium (中)

Tannin: Medium (中)

Body: Full (厚)

Aroma: Black Berry, Raspberry, Vanilla, Herbaceous.
(黑桑子, 紅桑子, 雲利拿, 草本類)

Description: Releaf Iswithi Pinotage has a rich bouquet of red berries, black berries, and a hint of vanilla. The ripe fruit are gracefully balanced by a touch of sweetness and refreshing acid. Enjoy with BBQ, Spicy dishes, or by itself. (Releaf Iswithi Pinotage 有着濃厚的黑色莓類和紅色莓類的味道與及少許的雲利拿香味。些微的甜味和清爽的酸味與成熟的水果平衡。可於BBQ時享用, 又或是配以辣的食物,或是單一飲用皆可。)

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