Prieto Picudo SM50 Tierra De Leon 2014

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Prieto Picudo SM50 Tierra De Leon 2014

Country: Spain(西班牙)

Region: Tierra de León(萊昂領地)

Grape Variety: Prieto Picudo(普利艾多皮庫杜)

Type of Wine: Still Red(紅酒)

ABV: 14.5%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Sweetness: Dry(乾)

Acidity: Medium(中)

Tannin: Medium to high(中至高)

Body: Full(厚)

Flavors: Red plum, red cherry, black plum, black cherry, vanilla, roasted coffee, toffee, chocolate, coconut, mocha, dairy, wood, Tar (紅梅, 車厘子, 黑梅, 黑櫻桃, 香草, 烘烤咖啡, 拖肥, 朱古力, 椰子, 朱古力咖啡, 奶類, 木材, 瀝青

Description: Very dark red color with bluish edges, and intense wine tear. The nose is strong and fragrant with notes of red and black fruit and touches of vanilla, roasted coffee, coconut, toffee, mocha and dairy. The palate is full and elegant. The aftertaste is long, broad, and dense and at the same time very balanced, with a perfect integration of wood. The finish in mouth is long, silky and pleasant.(深紅的色澤,邊緣帶藍色,有非常強烈的掛杯。香氣中帶濃烈的黑果和紅果味和淡淡的香草味。飽滿優雅的口感帶烘烤咖啡、拖肥、朱古力、椰子、朱古力咖啡和奶類等味道。餘味悠長、寬廣而濃密,平衡感極高,結合木材味,收結柔滑宜人。)

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