Lucy Margaux Cabernet Franc 2017

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Lucy Margaux Cabernet Franc 2017

Country: Australia(澳洲) 

Region: Basket Range, South Australia(南澳花籃山)

Grape Variety: Cabernet Franc(品麗珠)

Type of Wine: Still Red(紅酒)

ABV: 13%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Sweetness: Dry(乾)

Acidity: Medium to high(中至高)

Tannin: Medium to high(中至高)

Body: Medium(中等)

Flavors: Cranberry, red cherry, raspberry, red plum, blackcurrant, red pepper, liquorice, herbaceous, chili (蔓越莓, 車厘子, 紅桑子, 紅布冧, 黑加侖子, 紅椒, 甘草, 草本植物, 辣椒)

Description: This is a 100% natural wine without adding any preservatives and sulphur. The natural fermentation hasn’t full stopped when the wine is bottled and therefore formed a lightly bubbly palate and can be served in a lower temperature. Violet and greenery on the nose with aromatic black and red berry fruits and some grilled red peppers. A plush and velvety palate with a hint of confectionary and a light webbing of tannin. A fruity and juicy wine which adds a smile on your dial.(這是一款100%自然葡萄酒,無額外添加防腐劑或二氧化硫。由於酒在裝瓶前自然發酵尚未完全停止,故入口帶少量氣泡,可以較低溫度享用。香氣中帶紫羅蘭和青草味,並有濃郁的紅莓、黑莓果及烤紅椒味道。柔滑天鵝絨般的口感,帶有淡淡的糖果味,單寧如輕薄的織帶般緊密,是一款使人心情愉悅、香甜多汁的紅酒。)

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