La Lechuza Kindeli Pet-Nat 2016

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La Lechuza Kindeli Pet-Nat 2016
La Lechuza Kindeli Pet-Nat 2016

Country: New Zealand(紐西蘭)

Region: North Island(北島) 

Grape Variety: Riesling(雷司令)

Type of Wine: Sparkling White(氣泡白酒)

ABV: 11%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Sweetness: Dry(乾)

Acidity: High(高)

Body: Light to medium(薄至中等)

Flavors: Lemon zest, orange, citrus, pear, green apple, grapefruit, toast, yeast(檸檬皮, 香橙, 柑橘, 啤梨, 青蘋果, 西柚, 烤多士, 酵母)

Description: This wine is made 100% naturally with 12 hours skin contact, no filtration, fining, or additives therefore it is cloudy and sedimentary. Lightly effervescent. Sharp and funky with the acidic qualities of a homemade apple cider. Lovely flavours of tangy citrus and pear fruit, with some fresh green apple character. It’s juicy, crisp, crunchy and detailed with a bit of spicy grip under the fruit. (這款酒以100%自然釀酒法製作,經12小時的浸皮,不經過濾、澄清,無任何額外添加化學成分,因此酒呈自然混濁狀態和有沈澱物,並有少量氣泡。清爽的酸度猶如自家製蘋果酒,味道中帶柑橘、啤梨和新鮮青蘋果風格,口感爽脆多汁,細緻的果味中伴隨少許辣味。)

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