Granmonte Asoke Valley Heritage Syrah 2015

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Granmonte Asoke Valley Heritage Syrah 2015

Country: Thailand(泰國)

Region: Khao Yai(考艾)

Grape Variety: Syrah(西拉)

Type of Wine: Still Red(紅酒)

ABV: 13.5%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Sweetness: Dry(乾)

Acidity: Light to medium(低至中)

Tannin: Medium(中)

Body: Medium(中等)

Flavors: Black plum, black cherry, blackberry, cassis, tobacco, black pepper, liquorice, leather, vanilla, mocha, smoky, savoury(黑布冧, 黑櫻桃, 黑莓, 黑醋栗, 煙草, 黑胡椒, 甘草, 皮革, 雲呢嗱, 朱古力咖啡, 煙燻, 咸香)

Description: This wine is full-bodied and robust. It shows arrays of cassis, dark berries, clove and freshly cracked pepper. Round, with ripe and rich fruity flavor of plum and leather, it is mouth-filling with firm tannins, yet balanced with a long lingering finish of vanilla and a mocha oak undertone. It is pleasurable drinking on its own or with food. Heritage Syrah is crafted to be enjoyed with a few years of cellaring and will improve with age.(這款酒的酒體飽滿而健壯,香氣中帶黑醋栗、黑莓、丁香和鮮磨胡椒。口感圓潤,帶濃郁黑布冧和皮革味,單寧結實,平衡感高,回味中帶雲呢嗱和朱古力咖啡等橡木桶味,不論單飲或搭配食物都是一大享受。這款Syrah可在經過幾年的窖藏後享用,隨著年齡成熟會更上一層樓。)

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