Geil Muskateller Trocken 2018

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Geil Muskateller Trocken 2018
Geil Muskateller Trocken 2018
Country:  Rheinhessen
Grape Variety: 100% Muskateller
Type of Wine: Still White
ABV:  12%
Bottle Size: 750ml
Sweetness: Dry
Acidity:  Medium +
Fruity: High
Body:  Light
Aroma:  Fresh and perfumed with a bouquet of aromatic jasmine, wild herbs and sea salt that leads to a palate of fresh citrus and apple fruits with chalky minerals and stony elements adding complexity
Description: This is a fine example of this grape and is a fun and interesting wine, another alternative white to compliment the most abundant Riesling. The slate soils add a flinty, spicy kick making for a unique expression of Muskateller (Muscat) and makes it very different than wines from Alsace or Southern European areas. In fact, Germany may interestingly enough may just produce the best dry versions of this grape

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