Famiglia Pasqua Romeo & Juliet Prosecco

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Famiglia Pasqua Romeo & Juliet Prosecco

Country: Italy(意大利) 

Region: Prosecco di Treviso(特雷維索省)

Grape Variety: 100% Glera(100%格雷拉)

Type of Wine: Sparkling White(氣泡白酒)

ABV: 11%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Sweetness: Dry(乾)

Acidity: Low to Medium(低至中)

Body: Light(薄)

Flavors: white grape, white peach, passion fruit, grapefruit, orange peel, lemon zest, lime juice, mango, apple, pear, apricot(青提子, 白桃, 熱情果, 西柚, 橙皮, 檸檬皮, 青檸汁, 芒果, 蘋果, 梨, 杏脯) 

Description: Tiny and delicate bubbles. The nose shows intense white grapes, pear and apple. Gently fruity on palate with notes of white peach, lime juice and passion fruit. The wine reminds of an off-dry feeling but ended with a dry finish and soft acidity. (這款氣酒有著精緻細小的氣泡,香氣中帶濃郁青提子、梨和蘋果香,口感柔和而又果味豐富,味道以白桃、青檸果汁和熱情果為主,雖予人香甜之感,但結尾是乾身的,酸度亦非常柔軟。)

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