Domaine Thomas Rouanet L'illicite 2015

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Domaine Thomas Rouanet L'illicite 2015

Country: France(法國)

Region: Languedoc(朗格多克)

Grape Variety: Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris, Muscat, Chasselas. Terret Blanc, Terret Gris(白歌海娜, 灰歌海娜, 麝香葡萄, 莎斯拉, 白特蕾, 灰特蕾)

Type of Wine: Orange(橙葡萄酒) 

ABV: 13%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Sweetness: dry(乾) 

Acidity: Medium to high(中至高) 

Body: Medium(中等) 

Flavors: Red plums, raspberry, cherry, orange zest, melon, citrus, pear, vanilla, mushroom, yeast, walnuts(紅布冧, 紅桑子, 車厘子, 橙皮, 蜜瓜, 柑橘, 梨, 雲呢嗱, 蘑菇, 酵母, 合桃)

Description: This is an orange wine of which its colour comes from an extra long period of grape maceration during vinification in whole bunches like a red for six weeks. It is also a 100% natural wine without any additional sulphites or addictives.  Smell has oxiditive nose, yeast, plums, walnuts and orange zest. Subtle tannins. On palate, there are vanilla, melon, mushrooms, cherries, raspberries and pear flavours. Good lenth. 


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