Dinavolino Bianco 2017

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Dinavolino Bianco 2017

Country: Italy(意大利)

Region: Emilia-Romagna 

Grape Variety: Ortrugo, Malvasia di Candia, Marsanne

Type of Wine: Orange Wine(橙酒)

ABV: 11.5%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Sweetness: Dry(乾)

Acidity: High(高)

Body: Light to Medium(薄至中等)

Flavors: grapefruit, yuzu, orange peel, lime, orange blossom, gamey, savoury, mineral(西柚, 柚子, 橙皮, 青檸, 香橙花, 肉味, 鹹香, 礦物味) 

Description: The principle of orange wine is that white grapes are under skin contact for a long period of time so the colour of wine turns to orange and this is why it is called orange wine. Orange wine has the texture of white wine but flavors of red and white grapes and it has tannin like red wine. This is also a 100% natural wine with no any sulphur added and is unfiltered and unfined. The aroma shows rich yuzu and hints of flowers while in palate, there are grapefruit and complex savoury tastes. The wine is refreshing, lively and full of character. (橙酒的原理是由於白葡萄經過長時間浸皮後酒變成橙黃色,因此被稱為橙酒。橙酒有著白酒的口感,紅、白葡萄混合的味道和紅酒獨有的單寧。這款酒亦是100%自然葡萄酒,無額外添加二氧化硫,不經過濾或澄清。酒的香氣帶奔放濃郁柚子味和淡淡花香,入口則有西柚的甘香和複雜的礦物鹹味,個性鮮明,清爽活潑。)

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